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The presidential elections are here. The elections only take place every four years and now it is time again to vote for the man whom we trust to be our leader for another four years. There many things involved in the elections. Campaigning and debating are two things used to help get the people to be in favor of those who are running. The two main candidates this year are Dole/Kemp and Clinton/Gore.

Campaigning is done in many different ways, it is a technique used by the candidates in order for more people to recognize them and become more familiar with their ideas. It is done on television, in newspapers, signs that are put all over your town, and on the internet.

The object is to put the adds in places where many people are going to see them. The internet and on television is a very good way to make the candidates known because of the tremendous internet traffic and increasing television viewers.

Debating is a requirement of the elections and there are different kinds of debates. There are debates between the candidates and there are some between the possible vice-presidents.

The speakers must be very good at thinking of something to say quickly and making their point clear to the audience in order to make a difference in the debates. The debates are a time to show the audience the flaws the other candidate might have and to also show them the good things that you may have to offer them as their president or vice-president.

Dole is the major republican candidate for president. One of Dole’s major plans in his presidency, if he is elected, is to cut taxes and balance the budget. This is a very hard thing to do, but it is a good aspect of Bob Dole.

He also has a goal for a plan of economic growth. I myself like the aspect that Bob Dole as a republican is against abortion. I think abortion is murder to innocent babies who are not even given a chance to live.

Clinton is the other major candidate for the elections. He is a democrat that is hoping to get re-elected to serve another four years. While in his first term, Clinton has made abortion a legal act, increased our taxes, and been
accused of many small lies; but if he is accused of those small lies, why should we not be able to think he is lying to us? One of Clinton’s big concerns is health care. He has done many things pertaining to this issue, but only half of it has been followed through with.

The elections are up to the people, and it is the people who decides who will be your leader for another four years. So, let’s vote smart and think about who will better our country for the next four years.

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